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THIS IS THE TIME for planning your high school program in preparation for your future. Kettering Fairmont High School has in place a career planning process that will assist you.

This process, called Career Pathways, begins with your Individual Career Plan and refocuses each year at scheduling time. There are six defined career pathways at Fairmont: Career Tech, Business, Communications, Fine Arts, Human Services, and STEM.

Each pathway begins with a brief interest survey in the "Is This You?" section and is followed by a career pathway description along with a list of career opportunities by educational level. These pages will help you make more informed career choices.

To plan your schedule, you, your advisor, and your parent/guardian should select courses from the Pathway Requirements sections. Descriptions and prerequisites for these courses can be found by searching the courses in the Course Search feature above.

In the new, more technical, high-wage careers, employers are looking for workers who have the basic skills (reading, writing, mathematics, etc.). They also want workers who have the right kinds of technical skills. In addition, they want workers who can fit in and adapt as products and the workplace change. These careers require some of the following soft skills: ability to communicate with others, organization, problem-solving, teamwork, and dependability (attendance, ability to see a project to completion). Fairmont will give you the opportunity to learn and demonstrate these skills in the academic and elective programs offered here.

PARENTS: This bulletin is prepared to furnish both student and parent with sufficient information for the student to choose a suitable high school schedule. It should meet the needs, interests, and abilities of the student. If you are in need of additional information contact your child's counselor.

The best high school course is one planned before the student enters high school. Therefore, a 4-year planner can be used by going to the back of Fairmont's PDF version of the Program of Studies. Parents and counselors should be consulted as this four-year plan is made.

Which Pathway Fits You?

Career Tech
Career Tech includes a variety of specific options available for students with a focused career direction. The specific career direction can be pursued through the programs offered at both Fairmont and Centerville High Schools.

Business Careers include a variety of jobs in areas related to administration and management as well as marketing, finance, accounting, and data processing.

Communications careers include a variety of jobs in areas such as journalism, technical writing, foreign service, media, and commerical art.

Fine Arts
Fine Arts is a career area that can be pursued as a lifelong hobby as well as expanded into a professional activity.

Human Services
Human Service careers include a variety of jobs in law and legal services, community support areas such as fire and city services, education, and personal services such as cosmetology and home health aides.

STEM careers include a variety of options for jobs in health services engineering, technology and natural sciences.