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Career Tech Pathway

Is This You?
  • Can you work independently?
  • Can you work accurately with detailed information?
  • Can you read technical information and follow directions?
  • Can you use the scientific method and arrive at logical
  • Do you enjoy solving problems using facts and judgment?
  • Do you have the mechanical aptitude and ability to work with
    tools? Do you have observation skills?
  • If you answer yes to most of these questions, Career Tech Pathway may be for you.

Career Tech is a way for college-bound students to begin their career training in high school. This pathway is designed for students who have a focused career direction. Programs of study are offered in the business, health, communication, transportation, engineering, computer and human services fields. These programs create for the student a seamless pathway that begins in the junior year of high school and continues through an associate degree in college and beyond. Students choosing this pathway can earn college credit while still in high school and Tech Prep students can earn a $3,000 scholarship to Sinclair Community College.

Career Tech Career Opportunities by Educational Level
Technical Training or 2-Year College4-Year College and Beyond
Auto Body TechnicianAutomotive Dealership Manager
Automotive TechnicianAutomotive Service Manager
Avionics TechnicianArchitect
CNC OperatorConstruction Management
Dental HygienistCorporate Information Officer
DrafterCivil Engineer
ElectricianDesign Artist
Firefighter/EMTIllustration Producer
Graphic DesignerInformation Technology Manager
HVAC TechnicianLead Programmer
Licensed NurseMarketing Manager
Network TechnicianMechanical Engineer
PlumberOccupational Therapist
Physical Therapy AssistantProduct Manager
ProgrammerRegistered Nurse
Robot TechnicianRetail Buyer
Tool and Die MakerRespiratory Therapist
Video EngineerSports Management
Web Designer

College Credit in Career Tech
Students in College Tech Prep programs have the opportunity to earn college credit through Sinclair Community College that can be transferred to any public Ohio college or university. The chart below lists the possible number of college credits a student can earn:
Program OpportunitiesPossible College CreditsProgram OpportunitiesPossible College Credits
Allied Health21 Early Childhood Education15
Automotives21 Fire Science32
Biotechnology11 Information Technology21
Business Academy18 Interactive Media21
Construction18 Marketing12
Digital Design13 Project Lead the Way Engineering29

Credit Transfers
This plan serves only as a general guideline. It is important to remember that the receiving school has the right to determine whether or not credits will transfer. For specific information regarding transfer of credit, students should consult an academic counselor at the institution to which he or she wishes to transfer credit.
Pathways Certificate: Students earning 4 credits with a 2.0 average in Career Tech electives listed in the following course clusters are eligible to receive a Career Tech Pathway certificate at graduation.

Grade 9 Course Cluster
Core Courses
Intro to Lit and Comp, English 9, or Intro to Lit and Comp (H)1Integrated Science or Biology1
Algebra I, Algebra Concepts & Applications, or Geometry (H)1Health 91/2
Physical Education I1/4US History or US History (H)1

Suggested Electives
2 1/4
Art IArt II Crafts and Ceramics ICulinary Fundamentals
Introduction to businessGoogle and Other Software Apps Microsoft OfficePersonal Finance Management
World Languages

Grade 10 Course Cluster
Core Courses
Survey of Lit and Comp, English 10, or Major American Writers (H)1Biology I, General Biology, or Chemistry I1
Plane Geometry, Geometry Concepts & Appl., or Algebra II (H)1US Government or US Government (H)1
Career & College Readiness or Career Exploration1/2Physical Education II1/4

Suggested Electives
2 1/4
Child DevelopmentDigital Design Basics Financial LiteracyGlobal Foods
Interior DesignIntro to Broadcasting Intro to Engineering Design I and IIIntro to Film and Special Effects Production
Intro to Computer Programming and TechnologyMicrosoft Office Principles of EngineeringSports and Entertainment Marketing
Textile Design & Construction (Sewing)Any listed grade 9 elective not taken

Grade 11 Course Cluster
Core Courses
US Lit and Comp, English 11, or AP English Language and Comp1 Physics I, Chem I, Material Science, AP Biology II, or AP Chem II1
Algebra II, Algebra IIA, Algebra II/Pre-calc (H) block, or Pre-calc (H)1 Social Studies Elective1/2

Suggested Electives
3 1/2
Allied Health (2 yrs.)Automotives (2 yrs.) Biotechnology (2 yrs.)Biotechnology (2 yrs.)
Business Academy (2 yrs.)Construction Trades (2 yrs.) Culinary (CHS 2 yrs.)Digital Design (2 yrs.)
Early Childhood Education (2 yrs.)Environmental Mgmt. (CHS 2 yrs.) Exerciise Science (CHS 2 yrs.)Fire Science (2 yrs.)
Information Technology (2 yrs.)Interactive Media (2 yrs.) Marketing Communication (2 yrs.)PLTW Engineering (2 yrs.)
Technical Theatre (CHS 2 yrs.)Any listed grade 9 or 10 elective not taken

Grade 12 Course Cluster
Core Courses
Lit Appreciation and Comp, English 12 or AP English Language and Comp1 Social Studies Elective1/2 or 1
Algebra II, Algebra IIB, Pre-calc, Calc I, I & II, or III1 or 2 World History1/2

Suggested Electives
5 1/2
Any listed grade 9, 10, or 11 elective not taken