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Dear Firebirds,

This publication provides information to assist parents and students in making important decisions in planning high school courses. The Fairmont Program of Studies links courses selections with possible career pathways that students may pursue following graduation.

Using this Program of Studies as a guide, we encourage our students to explore their interests, get involved, and set their sights high in planning their high school experience. decisions students make throughout high school play a crucial role in their options for college and career choices after graduation. We want all of our students to be successful and have a well-rounded life that goes well beyond their four years of high school. Our goal for our students, while in high school and after graduation, is to be contributing members of our local and global communities who are expert problem-solvers, collaborators, and leaders in the 21st Century.

This is an interactive online version of the Program of Studies. A PDF edition can be found here.

Kettering City School District
Mission Statement

The mission of the Kettering City Schools, in partnership with the family and community, is to guarantee a superior educational experience for all students by providing a positive and innovative learning environment while responsibly utilizing resources.

We believe that:

The family unit is the primary educator.

All people are entitled to an equal educational opportunity.

Continuously improving quality of life is essential and all best possible education is a vital ingredient to the process.

Excellence in education requires the joint efforts of all segments of the community.

The successful community defines and transmits its value system.

Individuals are accountable for their own actions and have shared responsibility for the well-being of society.

Good role models are essential to the positive development of individuals.

Effective use of resources is essential to providing the best educational opportunity.

Improvement requires a commitment to change.

Kettering City School District
Mission Statement

The mission of Fairmont High School, in partnership with family and community, is to provide an environment in which all students are encouraged and guided:

To develop their individual talents.

To graduate with skills to attain a career goal.

To become contributing citizens.