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Human Services Pathway

Is This You?
  • Can you work accurately with detailed information?
  • Can you work independently?
  • Do you have excellent physical condition and stamina?
  • Do you have knowledge of basic math and biology?
  • Do you have clear verbal skills? Can you use judgement and reasoning to cope with emergencies such as illnesses, accidents, or interrupted service?
  • Can you direct, manage, or supervise the activities of others?
  • If you answer yes to most of these questions, the Human Services Pathway may be for you.

Human service careers include a variety of jobs in law and legal services, community support areas such as fire and city services, education, and personal services such as cosmetology and home health aides. Educational services are projected to be some of the fastest growing occupations.

Human Services Career Opportunities by Educational Level
Technical Training or 2-Year College
Addiction SpecialistAgriculture Specialist
Barber/BeauticianCorrection Officer
Court ReporterDaycare Operator
Dental AssistantDetective
Environmental Health InspectorExercise Trainer
FirefighterFlight Attendant
Funeral DirectorHair Stylist
Hazardous Materials TechnicianIntake Counselor
Interpreter for DeafJewelwer
Medical TranscriptionistParalegal Assistant
ParalegalParent/Student Advocate
Personal Physical TrainerPilot
Police OfficerPrivate Investigator
Preschool/Nursery TeacherProbations Officer
Recreation WorkerSheriff's Deputy
Social Service TechnicianTree Surgeon
Youth Director

4-year College & Beyond
Animal ScientistAquaculturalist
Athletic Coach/TrainerAudiologist
Child PsychologistCounselor (Mental Health/School)
Director, Religious Activities and EducationEconomist
Farm ManagerFBI/CIA Agent
Fish & Game WardenFood & Drug Inspector
Forest Ranger/ForesterGame Warden
Home EconomistInterpreter
Medical Records AdministratorMinister/Priest/Rabbi
Occupational Health/Safety SpecialistPsychologist
Parole OfficerPark Ranger
Parks and RecreationPolitical Scientist
Probation OfficerRange Manager Residential Counselor
School AdministratorSchool Psychologist
Security ManagerSocial Worker
Speech/Language PathologistTeacher

Credit Transfers
This plan serves only as a general guideline. It is important to remember that the receiving school has the right to determine whether or not credits will transfer. For specific information regarding transfer of credit, students should consult an academic counselor at the institution to which he or she wishes to transfer credit.
Pathways Certificate: Students earning 4 credits with a 2.0 average in Human Services electives listed in the following course clusters are eligible to receive a Career Tech Pathway certificate at graduation.

Grade 9 Course Cluster
Core Courses
Intro to Lit and Comp, English 9, or Intro to Lit and Comp (H)1Integrated Science or Biology1
Algebra I, Algebra Concepts & Applications, or Geometry (H)1Health 91/2
Physical Education I1/4US History or US History (H)1

Suggested Electives
2 1/4
Art IArt II Child DevelopmentCulinary Fundamentals
Crafts and Ceramics IPersonal Finance Management Public SpeakingWorld Languages

Grade 10 Course Cluster
Core Courses
Survey of Lit and Comp, English 10, or Major American Writers (H)1Biology I, General Biology, or Chemistry I1
Plane Geometry, Geometry Concepts & Appl., or Algebra II (H)1US Government or US Government (H)1
Career & College Readiness or Career Exploration1/2Physical Education II1/4

Suggested Electives
2 1/4
Art Photo IArt Photo II Communication SkillsCPR/First Aid
Global FoodsIntro to Fire Science Sculpture and Ceramics IIUrban Studies
World GeographyAny listed grade 9 elective not taken

Grade 11 Course Cluster
Core Courses
US Lit and Comp, English 11, or AP English Language and Comp1 Physics I, Chem I, Material Science, AP Biology II, or AP Chem II1
Algebra II, Algebra IIA, Algebra II/Pre-calc (H) block, or Pre-calc (H)1 Social Studies Elective1/2

Suggested Electives
3 1/2
Allied Health (2 yrs.)AP Studio Art AP 3D DesignArt Photo III
Early Childhood Education (2 yrs.)Economics Fire Science (2 yrs.)IB Visual Art
Relationships for LifePsychology SociologyAny listed grade 9 or 10 elective not taken

Grade 12 Course Cluster
Core Courses
Lit Appreciation and Comp, English 12 or AP English Language and Comp1 Social Studies Elective1/2 or 1
Algebra II, Algebra IIB, Pre-calc, Calc I, I & II, or III1 or 2 World History1/2

Suggested Electives
5 1/2
Any listed grade 9, 10, 11, or 12 elective not taken