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Privacy Policy

Privacy is important.

On, your data sent by registering a user account is stored in a secure database on a server hidden away in some corner of the world.

Your data is primarily made up of two parts: your account credentials, and your input within the website as a user. Your input within the site as a user can quite literally be compared to checking a specific set of checkboxes.

Only system administrators (currently just me, Garret Gallion) will have direct access to the secure database. School administrators in charge of their school's portal will have access only to their program data, not data of users with input within their school's portal or any school's portal.

Your data will be accessible by your user account only, and no backups of any kind will be made on user data. is not supposed to be Fort Meade (ha).

Your data is not guaranteed to be always accessible, and could be subject to removal due to any number of reasons requiring a reset of user data and input.

Your really private data


Here is a list of tasks that would be done with the email you sign up a user account with:


No matter how much you trust any service, if registering an account does not have you give quantities of sensitive information, you should not submit a sensitive password that could be used to access other accounts on other services with possibly sensitive information.

Nevertheless, whenever you submit a "password" to, the password is locally hashed on your client with SHA256 encryption, and once it reaches the server's end it is hashed using SHA256 once again, except this time with a predefined salt concatenated on its end. If you would like to learn more about this hash talk, check out this awesome resource I found online about it here.

Other policies that really should be self explanatory

Traffic generated by the user (you) may be used to generate statistical analysis of the growth and devleopment of, and any browsing of the website may be tracked in order to recognize patterns of user activity. There's no sorcery going on. I just like looking at statistics.

Also, cookies are used on this site to store your session data so you don't have to sign into your account every page you visit. You can learn more about these cookie things on this wildly unknown resource here.

If any questions or concerns arise, feel free to send an email to